April 18, 2016

Will a guy talk to me if i start a conversation with a pickup line as a joke?

Im going to the mall tomorrow and i wanna talk to guys meet someone good, if i use a pickup line as a joke will it be a good conversation starter? Or do you have other ways to start a conversation?Thanks :)



I would have trouble keeping myself off a girl who tried a pickup line as a joke on me, that would be so funny.


depends on how u do it & the guy


I would slap you if you did that to me.


lmao, noooo. don’t do it. that’s so cheeessy! just don’t do anything too crazzzy, &be confident & he’ll be interested .. :-) goodluccck girl


Girls can get away with pick up lines come to think of it. It’s not bad to try, but I can guarantee you a hey or what’s up will work better.


Girls can get away with almost anything when it comes to picking up guys especially in a day game setting. Basically just go up to them and try to start a conversation. However be warned as you are the instigator you will throw the men off so you must be prepared to hold most of the conversation at the beginning. It is normally guys who start the conversations, and guys may be intimidated by your boldness. Your method does work however you need to stack conversation quickly and transition into something else, start by asking who they are and where they are from etc etc.A really really useful opener that is essential knowledge for day game is to know opinion openers:go up to a guy and ask his opinion on something, I feel this would be especially effective as a female asking because it puts him in an upper position which all guys feel they must be in.Good Luck! I wish there were more girls that thought like you.

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