April 18, 2016

Why are us men better at telling jokes than women?

I’ve meet women that know how to tell a joke and are funny but I’ve noticed that their numbers are small compare to men. Is there something at high contrast that makes more men be funnier at jokes then women?



maybe the woman are more shy


Yea, women are too busy PMS’ing to tell jokes!


it is nature of all men


its cuz men are sarcasticand women keep other peoples feelings in checknot like some men that tell jokes without caring about shit.


get out more


Maybe men dont really care about offending people meanwhile girls care about what they say not to hurt peoples feelings and all that crap.


men aren’t afraid to not get a laugh. so they tell a lot more jokes in comparison to girls who (mostly) like approval. to tell a joke and not get a laugh would affect a girl more than a guy. ♥


men r used to being insincere so its easy for them to joke it comes natural


hey, im funny and im a chick. but yeah, probably cause most of dudes jokes are perverted and slightly funny, and girls dont feel like stooping to that ow level


Your hanging out with girls who arent funny,Trust me some of us can be just as funny even more so.


well girls think girl jokes are funny n guys think guy jokes are funnybut all my guy friends think im sooo funny n i dont get it but w/e lol but i also LOVE to tell jokes to them to get them to laugh answer mine?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnsQAruTQ3n4WvUf22skx9Lsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090826225535AAKnvd4


men are funny looking, and uh easier to make fun of, and they also can do like anybodies voice! (katt williams is amazing!)


Men have a dirty, crude humor. Both genders are really equal, just you think girls’ humor isn’t funny because you are used to people pushing the envelope, and they think guys aren’t funny, just gross, because we are used to dry, witty, sometimes sarcastic humor.Hope this helps


that is sooooooo sexist


it is the way of the man. never knew a female class clown


because we have funny genitalia


men are more outgoing duh.if all women wer as outgoing as men we would be wayy more funny since we are smarter.jk lol. but men are funnier because they are outgoing. period.

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