April 18, 2016

What are appropriate subjects for joking around with a girl. ?

So, I like this girl and we have been out for a while. I like to joke around with people and was wondering what subjects are off-limits. I was going to send her a playful text about how she has to run around in the rain to get wet, but I’m having second thoughts.



I don’t think you should send that… When you joke like that you should do it in person, so she can see your facial expressions and tell that your joking.


About how she has to run around in the rain to get wet? Apparently I’m too blonde for that one…It depends on the person, whether it be male or female… some females have very disturbing senses of humors (yes, humors… different kinds, like me… I do)


nooo dont do that. lol. bad joke. i had one of my boyfriend’s (now my ex) once tell me, after i told him that i was hungry, he said to me that he has some sausage for me. i was like, wtf? ew! soo not a turn on. i would say anything that compares her to another girl, or a piece of meat is pretty much offlimits


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