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My friend keeps saying really racist jokes to me. Should i still be friends with him?

I’m jewish and he keeps making these racist jokes about me. He calls me a mother ******* jew and says that I should go pray. He told me this joke yesterday: What is the difference between a boy scout and a jew? A boy scout comes back from camp. My grandparents died in the holocaust….

What’s a good name for a female Japanese character that likes sports and joking around?

I’m making a Japanese book and one of my characters is someone who goes all out in sports but likes to hang out, have fun, and joke around. She’s usually playing basketball or with a friend, and I can’t think of a name for her. Thanks in advance!

Would you get upset if your bf made a three some joke about yourself and your bestfriend?

I don’t know how to take it. I feel like it’s not right for a boyfriend to make a joke like that but I’d like your views on it. Please and thank you!

I need some help in coming up with a good line of practical jokes?

Im looking for a good practical joke to pull on my friends. Does anyone have any good ideas?

Is it better to be passive or agressive when someone jokes about you?

Passive- When you ignore what they say and don’t care.Aggressive- When you joke back at them, show anger, and defend yourself.

What kind of funny jokes or movies that you and your spouse laugh about?

With us anything with Mel Brooks or Monty Python is funny. History of the world and Life of brian was laughable. We like to laugh at the sleep number bed commercials because we joke about someone else changing the numbers on their side of the bed. Give us some funnies!

What are some good jokes to tell at a funeral?

I have to give the eulogy and I’d like to loosen things up with a few jokes. If it helps to think of topical material, the deceased was a truck driver and was originally from Kentucky so I was thinking about some redneck or country music jokes?

What can I joke about with people I just met?

What can I joke about with people I just met??How can I open up better when i meet them?

Is it okay if some of your guy friends joke about raping you?

Some of my guy friends occasionally joke about raping me. Should I take it lightly as a joke, or is it something to be cautious of? They do it in a teasing way.

What are some good jokes to tell my boyfriend since he is sad?

Well his grandmother is in the hospital and he is with her and his other family. His grandmother is most likely going to die due to lung cancer today and I wanna be able to send a few jokes through texts to to make him smile. So what are some good jokes?