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What can I joke about when I first meet someone so they think I’m funny?

This I mean when you first meet a girl (since I’m a guy) what do you joke about to get their attention? Or if you’re a girl what are somethings guys have said to you? I’ll like some examples, thanks!

What if friend is teasing a girl I like, should I defend her or go along with the jokes?

Let’s say all of us are good friends. If a guy was just cracking jokes, not seriously, and not that insulting, is it ok to just go along with the joke, or should I defend her?

What is a funny joke gift to give my friend before i give her her real gift?

i’m going to take my friend to six flags as a bday present, what can i give her first as a joke to make her think her present sucks before i tell her about six flags?

What jokes would be good to tell around the girl you have liked for a long time?

There is a girl I’ve liked for a while now and i don’t know if she likes me. What jokes could i tell around her to get her to like me?

When telling a girl a joke what kind of joke do u use?

I know girl don’t like jokes about justin beiber and twilight. But what jokes do u use with a girl u like without it being some stupid pick up line? Examples appreciated.

What do you think of this crude joke in regard to relationships?

I had a buddy of mine tell me this joke in regard to making a relationship work.. To make a woman happy you need to do many things: you should always be there for her and tell her you love her, you should kiss her and hold her tight, you should tell her she is…

When you joke around, and flirt with a girl you like via text?

When you joke around, and flirt with a girl you like via text (days you dont see her) for the majority of the day, up until she falls asleep, almost every night, and the flirting doesnt freak her out, does it mean something?? Even if she isnt ready to date again (yet) but she isnt…

What is a flirty joke to get a guy to laugh and be attracted to you?

What are some flirtatious jokes sexual or non that are funny and sexyflirty.I like this guy who has a girlfriend and we are just friends, but we get along way better then him and her and we flirt a lot and I need new material haha! Thanks :)

What do you call someone that cant take a joke?

What do you call call someone that is always a b*tch, annoying, and cant be playful and take a joke and is always like stop this stop that?

How do you tell if a girl is laughing at a joke because she likes you or it was just funny?

People say I am a naturally funny guy and I will say things that make people laugh. There is a girl I like and I also am able to make her laugh. I am wondering is there a way that I can tell if she is laughing because she likes me or because it is…