April 18, 2016

How to deal with someone who makes you the bud of EVERY joke?

The title says it all, at school there is this guy who every time i speak he has to spin it around and make me the bud of every joke, and he makes people laugh. Its not a good feeling. So how do i deal with this, while still not making myself look bad, and i wont fight him haha, im not a violent person. Diplomatic solutions please.



Its going to be very hard to deal with this person without being violent.


Tell him that your feelings are hurt by his jokes, and that he should soften up the jokes. If he makes a joke out of THAT, then I don’t know how to help you….


Do it back at him. See if he likes that. Then if he starts to like get bothered by it & if he comes to you , tell him straight up that’s how you felt when he did that to do. Prove him wrong & be the bigger person about it.


people do this to try and look clever, and to cover up their own feelings of inferiority… thats a fact. so, you MUST NOT let it show it bothers you.. IF you wait till he does it again, and just say, very calmly, ‘why do you do that?’ He will probably try and keep the joke going by making more fun of you, but don;t react.. just say ‘do I worry you in any way?’… just keep turning it round on him… BTW I assume Tyler is a boys name but if its a girls name, this could be a weird way of flirting.. Actually even if you are a boy, you could run this theory past him! And it’s the BUTT of a joke, btw


don’t talk to him if he starts something first give him a good b*tch slap he won’t see it coming and it’ll leave him in shock for a couple of seconds

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