April 18, 2016

How to act silly but to be though if as a joke?

Hi, I have a problem of acting stupid or saying stupid stuff ever since I was in seventh grade I am 16 now and I feel that everyone see’s me as a joke. Also I stutter. advice?



If you want a change, the change has to begin with you (for the better though). Start growing up, and they will eventually realize you’ve somehow matured and will take you a little more seriously.


Acting silly because you intend to is far different from acting silly because of nerves. People who act stupid or say stupid stuff usually do so because they are self-conscious. The age you were at when you started doing this in addition to your stuttering may be the cause of that. I’m assuming you have been to a speech therapist at some point and you were encouraged to try to relax and also do various things with your breathing before you start talking. The same is true of how you act.Work on your self-confidence by developing some talent you have. This doesn’t have to be a talent to show to other people because you’re working on your confidence, not theirs. You will be able to relax more as you do this and I wouldn’t be surprised if it helps with your stuttering as well. Eventually, you won’t be perceived as a joke but as someone who is fun to be with and around.

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