April 18, 2016

How many times can you hear the same jokes before you get annoyed? ?

I told my friend his jokes were not funny since I heard it 4 times in a week, and he got offended. He also said that one’s intelligence could be measured by understanding the context of the talks, and since it was obviously a joke, he could say whatever. Of course, it depends on the context of the jokes, but I get annoyed after 3 times in a short time, and if so, am I stupid? I want to hear others’ opinions. Thanks!



You are not stupid, I very rarely find jokes funny to me people who have no sense of humor rely on jokes. Truly funny people make people laugh without having to have some kind of rehearsed thing to say. Sounds like your friend is not one of these people.

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tell him theres a site called http://www.funny.comit has tons of jokes on there


Once. Most jokes aren’t funny.


thats not true girl….its all about maturity and tahts probably why he thinks your unintelligent.. hell i get annoyed after i hear it twice… dont mean im dumb! major in math and business so yeeh….I.O


There are more annoying things in life than a joke you’ve heard before. Perhaps, your friend wants other folks to hear it and thinks you will tolerate it because YOU ARE HIS FRIEND.


I understand I would have been annoyed too; you heard the same joke 4x in one week and it’s just wasn’t funny anymore. But at the same time, I think he just wanted to make everyone laugh. Instead you hurt his feeling when he was in a good mood. That’s why he’s probably mad. He’ll be alright. Life goes on.


Oh tell him to grow up. He’s just getting all insecure and defensive because someone’s actually challenged him about his behaviour. It’s a natural defense system, to try and put down the person who challenges you, but ignore it. Frankly, hearing a joke even twice gets on my nerves (and on most people’s). Maybe just make a joke out of the fact he’s already told that joke next time?

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