April 18, 2016

How do you tell if a girl is laughing at a joke because she likes you or it was just funny?

People say I am a naturally funny guy and I will say things that make people laugh. There is a girl I like and I also am able to make her laugh. I am wondering is there a way that I can tell if she is laughing because she likes me or because it is funny. I am not going to tell a bad joke because she would realize that I am not being myself if I try too hard to be funny.



Your kidding right?Coming from a girlYou sound like a guy i likeif shes looking in your eyes and laughing she likes you and is just trying to make you happyif shes looking around or anywhere else in the room then its funny P


Does she laugh at /everything/ you say? Then, she is probably somewhat interested in you. If you’re in a group and only she’s laughing, then yes, she’s interested. It also depends on the intensity of the laugh as well (if that makes any sense). So if you say something, but people only chuckle or give a short laugh and she just laughs really hard or goes on for a touch longer, then she might be interested. Either that, or she just really laughs a lot..


while shes laughing if shes trying to look at you still then she likes u big time! :Dif she isnt… well… tell another joke and see lolhave fun xx


hahaha…just a joke.. :) well, you should go for more concrete signs than thepower of your jokes , such as eye contact, such as whether she wants to hang out with you at weekends, such as if she has a secret bf , such as asking her flirtious questions.


If she smiles are you & talks to you, aside from listening to your comments/jokes then she likes you. If she leaves after making her laugh then she’s not interested.


If she likes you, she will blink or look at her hands while she’s laughing, and towards the end of her laughter, she will look at you and then for a few seconds after she will look at your eyes.


Girls always like a guy that will make them laugh. To tell if she likes you a bit more you need to check her body language. If she is playing with her hair this is often a tell tale sign. Or maybe you may catch her giving u eyes.


If she laughs she must like you! if she doesn’t she isn’t into you or your joke!


Uhm, as a girl, Ive never laughed at a guys jokes because I liked him. But I would assume, that if there is constant eye contact she probably likes you. But if you have to actually get her attention to say something to her, she probably is laughing because it’s funny.

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